1984 Dodge Ram 150 Marksman ed. truck?

Okay, my grandparents have a 1984 Dodge Ram 150 with a 318 5.2, 4 speed (3.21 gears and 9.25 rear end), short bed, 2wd. It does have a small amount of rust on the bed around the wheels. They told me that they would sell me this for about $650 I like the looks and the performance of the truck but I was just wondering if it was a good buy and are there any good performance parts out for these trucks.

Also I recently just put primer on the bed and I would like to paint the bed the same color it was (white) but I can’t find the tag on the truck to tell what color of white it is.

Thank you.
I recently was looking at the bed of the truck and found some wording where a decal used to be, it said something like "Marksman" or something and I wanted to know if there was such thing as a Marksman edition truck or if it was just a decal somebody added. If you find out any information on a Marksman edition truck please send pictures so I could see them.

i have seen a marksman van before but don’t think i have seen that decal on a truck before,as for the deal on it its a good deal on buying it,there’s a lot of things for that one to make it run a lot better,the older the engine is the more you can do to it because you don’t have to deal with a computer to limit what you can do to it,go to this site and look at some of the performance parts they have available for that truck ,that’s a good deal though,it may have been ordered with a few extra options is why it may have had that decal on it,good luck with it.